Company Overview

MindsterDX is part of Aufait Technologies Group – an international technology firm renowned for building world-class enterprise applications, portals and mobility solutions since 2003. We are headquartered in India, with offices in Singapore, Oman and UAE.

At MindsterDX, we provide cost-effective solutions. We help our clients adopt the right technology in optimizing business efficiencies.

Our strength lies in our business approach. Our team of senior consultants offers a unique blend of technical knowledge and commercial expertise based on years of hands-on industry experience. We understand business pain points. We provide practical solutions that work.

Immediate Benefits of Working with us

Increase Productivity

Eliminate repetitive tasks and labour-intensive manual processes with MindsterDX’s scalable smart solutions.

Enhance Business Agility

Increase speed-to-market with better resource utilization and higher business efficiency.

Reduce Business Cost

Replace costly outdated legacy systems with our smart solutions that fit your exact business requirements.

Improve Profitability

Achieve higher return-on-investment (ROI) through digital advertising optimization and programmatic advertising based on machine learning and AI-optimization.

Deliver Service Excellence

Unlock new opportunities using customer data. At MindsterDX, we help clients gain competitive advantage with expert insights and in-depth customer analysis.

Our Approach

We are different. Our customers always come first and are at the core of everything we do.

Digital Transformation is beyond implementing technologies. It involves integrating business processes and aligning culture, people and organization structure.

Our approach is highly collaborative. We listen carefully in order to understand your business pain points. We work with you to identify gaps, provide insights and establish areas of focus. Providing our clients with practical technical solutions from a business perspective and assisting them every step of the way is what has distinguished us from the rest.

Our goal is to help you transform and strengthen organization capabilities, increase revenue, raise productivity, and deliver outstanding customer experience.

What We Offer

E-commerce Solutions

Showcase your products and services on a website, reach your customers on 24 x 7 basis.

Enterprise Mobility

We build powerful, on-demand mobile apps with user-friendly design and innovative features.

Collaborative Platform

Automate enterprise workflow and document management systems powered by Microsoft SharePoint.

Digital Marketing

Increase engagement, improve reach, achieve higher ROI on media spend.

Power BI

Enhance your organization’s business intelligence capabilities with powerful interactive data visualizations.


Drive new waves of productivity and efficiency gains through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

We’re Here To Help Your Business Grow

Simplify business complexities with MindsterDX – your trusted Microsoft SharePoint development company