Performance Management System

An intelligent solution in SharePoint to manage your people, performance and growth

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A Performance Management Software That Performs for Your Enterprise

Mindster DX offers performance management system that is engaging and credible. Our performance management software is specially designed to solve the problem of employee disillusionment in the evaluation process. The transparent metrics, clear goal setting, feedback channels, etc. make it a system that your employees will adopt without any persuasion. The interface we have developed can be tweaked to reflect the workplace culture and thus make employees feel more at home.

Now make goal-setting an everyday activity and come out of the less productive annual assessment patterns. Create a new culture of achievement-based goal setting to align, re-align and re-target as per everyday realistic workplace situations. And you can manage all that remotely, so working from home is now going to be equally productive with this perfect digital transformation tool which we call – AppraisalPoint.

Features of Our Performance Management System

A performance management software needs to clearly put things out for the managers and employees. These features make AppraisalPoint do that efficiently:

Measure Employee Engagement

Measure the way employees engage with your various goals, how they comprehend goals as actions and set KPIs to get more details on the nature of their interactions in the team and as an individual. Gather data on their team-play abilities and much more.

Manage Goals

Align the goals of each department with the overall goals of the organization. The customizable metrics and the values you define to measure them can bring consistency and understanding within teams. Set goals every day and watch performance every day.

All-round Reviews

Collect the feedback from employees through self assessments, feedback forms or as response to reports. Get such reviews from multiple managers, other project managers, team members,etc. Do this without a third-party cost and save on budget.

Intelligent Reporting

Analyze and study your review processes, the way you compare employee performance through visual graphics, studies, KPIs, etc. Identify top performers and reward them, help the poor performers through targeted training courses and enrich your workforce.

With Our Performance Management System, You Can:

  • Empower the workforce to take data driven decisions
  • Identify the skill you have and the ones you need through performance evaluation charts and stats
  • Set goals and meet them meticulously. Goal setting now becomes an easy everyday process for you
  • Engage your employees in the performance evaluation process through gamification, rewards, recognitions, social praise, etc.

The Right Tools For The Right Solution.

Every Time.