Document Management System (DMS)

A single system to create, sync, share and collaborate across your organization,
no matter where you are.


A Digital Document Management Software for Every Growing Enterprise

A Document management software takes care of your entire document journey. From the creation of a document to its edit, collaboration, action and finally the disposal and archive. You won’t have to follow them through mails, time-consuming searches, etc. A document management system ensures continuity in your work, because the document a colleague asks you can be fetched with a few words and a click. Stay focused on the more productive part of your work now with this Mindster DX solution for a modern workplace. Our SharePoint DMS software is engaging, efficient and easy to use and instal. Transform your workspace dynamics with this SharePoint software to create, respond and enjoy working with documents, like never before.

Features of Our SharePoint DMS Software

A Document management software is an intelligent system that manages the flow of documents and thus dictates the content flow in your organization.

Create Different Doc Types

Create documents of many types and formats with ease. Design your business-specific documents for invoices, whitepapers, case studies, etc. Our document management software is flexible and easily customizable for your diverse needs.                                                                                           

Easy Review and Approval

Review your requests, docs with the SharePoint automated workflows to guide you in every step. Docs automatically move onto the next level in hierarchy for approvals and if there are edits, they go back to the levels you have set and thus make the whole process easy.

Auto Expiry and Archival

You can define the life cycle for every type of document so that once it is done it takes care of itself. The expired documents are tagged properly and will be available to you any moment you search for them. Managing documents were never so easy.

World-class security

Storing, retrieving and sharing controls are in-built in a SharePoint document management system. It can be altered only by the appointed top-level manager or CEO. Microsoft architecture adds to the security of this system making it foolproof and reliable.

Oversee Collaboration

A single document passes many hands in an organizational workflow. Our DMS software uses version control to keep track of the changes made at each point so that you can know what, when and who made the valuable inputs in your plans, ideas and vision.                                        

Easily Scalable

Our DMS is easily scalable to meet the size and requirement of your enterprise. Growth often happens rapidly and to chase growth we have the perfect stretchable technology in SharePoint. The document management software we offer you will be an asset for the future.