Capex Management Software

An intelligent software to simplify capital expenditure processes in your organization.

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Automate capital expenditure workflows for increased productivity

One of the most essential tools for any organization is a digital capital expenditure (Capex) management system. At MindsterDX, we understand the tremendous challenges faced by organizations in managing vast volumes of data relating to capital expenditures. Many businesses still rely on manual processes of using emails and excel sheets in managing enterprise-wide capital expenditure workflows. Aside from being slow and ineffective, these manual processes are also prone to human error. With our Capex management software, your entire organization’s workflow processes can be automated. This brings about several immediate benefits, including better policy compliance adherence, reduced approval cycles, reduced manual handling, improved visibility and increased accuracy when making critical purchase decisions. Experience our workflow automation software by scheduling a call with our sales representative. Contact us for a free personalized live demonstration.

Features of Our Capital Expenditure Software

MindsterDX has put its extensive experience and expertise of more than two decades in developing this product for modern enterprises.

Define Document Path

You can design the path of each type of approval. Set up business rules and make the Capex software perform under those guidelines. Any organization can adopt our Capex Management Software with its in-built friendly workflow editor.

Automatic Routing

The greatest advantage is that the system is self-caring. It knows where to route a particular type of Capex request. It takes the responsibility of collecting timely approvals with accurate information through clearly defined forms.

Condition-based Workflows

The workflows which are pre-defined follow those conditions to quickly move between the various appealing and approving parties. Prompting them to take action on time thus it saves you time, manpower and cost like never before.

Suits Group Companies

Our capital expenditure software suits every enterprise. Group companies can take full advantage of our feature to raise a request based on location and entity. Multinational companies with wide branches and employees will find this feature useful.

Smart Capture

You can see the expense details, investment summary, the schedule, actual expenditure, the reasons for the choice of item, the business benefits it provides to the organization, the estimated additional profit it brings, etc through data capturing.

Dynamic Reports

Capex Management Moftware generates reports dynamically. Large organizations don’t need to worry about the number of Capex approvals that go on every day. Because our capital expenditure software creates dynamic reports after every process.

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